100% Icelandic Longhair Sheepskin Beanbag Chair Chestnut - Wildash London
100% Icelandic Longhair Sheepskin Beanbag Chair Chestnut - Wildash London

100% Icelandic Longhair Sheepskin Beanbag Chair Chestnut

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Size: Junior

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Product description

Our sumptuous sheepskin beanbags are carefully handmade and styled so you’ll never want to get out of them once you slump yourself down at the end of a hard day.

There will always be a fight over who gets to sit in it! These beanbags are made from our luxurious Icelandic sheepskin in the classic teardrop style, and are left at their natural full-length fur - irresistible to rub your fingers through!

Filled with a mass of beads, you can shape your beanbag chair to exactly your liking, enveloping yourself in the comfort of natural sheepskin.

Sheepskin is renowned for being beneficial to health and wellbeing, providing support for achy limbs and joints, regulating body temperature and improving circulation.

Sheepskin is also kind to the skin and can help promote rest and relaxation.

Put that into beanbag form and you’ve got luxury, combined with beauty and all the holistic benefits in a piece of furniture that would look fabulous just about anywhere.

Colour: Chestnut 


Junior: 65cm-75cm diameter base x 30cm-55cm height (circa 25"-30" diameter base x 12"-22" height)

Large - 80cm-110cm diameter base x 40cm-80cm height (circa 32"-44" diameter base x 16"-32" height)

Giant - 110cm - 130cm diameter base x 60cm-90cm height (circa 44"-51" diameter base x 24"-36" height)

Please note these are approximate dimensions!!! As this is a beanbag chair, it is a shape-shifting wonder :)


Our Icelandic sheepskin beanbags are made from Free-range Icelandic Sheep that have been free to roam the countryside grazing on organic hillside grass.

Add a bit of style and grab attention with these beautiful, sumptuous beanbags!

Great slumping into after a long, hard day, our bean bags are filled with masses of styrofoam beans so you can shape it to just the way you like it. 

Further Info
100% Natural Sheepskin: perfect for year-round comfort, sheepskin is naturally temperature regulating, keeping you cosy and comfortable at any time of year.

All our sheepskins are produced from sheep from within the UK and Europe. Our skins are chosen for their softness and thickness of fur.

Please note these beanbags are made to order! The current turnaround time for production including shipping of our beanbags takes up to 2-3 weeks.


Note: This is a dyed sheepskin product. Our natural dyes are sensitive to sunlight and may fade or change colour in prolonged direct sunlight. If you are looking for something that will withstand prolonged direct sunlight, please take a look at our undyed range of sheepskins

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for your interest in Wildash London's fabulous sheepskin bean bags!