About The Founder

Hi there!

I am Nisa and Wildash London is my company. I started this business when I became pregnant (fairly late on in life!) with my daughter in a bid to scale back the late & long hours I used to have to survive when I was in the branding and design business, so I could participate in family life and lead a more relaxed existence.

Well... as it turns out, I haven't really managed to scale down the hours, but even so, I love the business and even more so, I love the fact that my entire family can be involved in it, too :)

Even my daughter, who is now 8 years old already, loves to come up with new ideas for the business, and all ideas are always taken on board.

So how did it start?

My background is in luxury branding and product development. I ran my own luxury branding business but when my daughter came onto the scene, I wanted to find a way of scaling back my involvement in the branding business, giving myself more time to spend with my daughter. Ever the business woman, however, I wanted to find a business that I could develop along my own ethos while still allowing me that invaluable time in the growing up years of my daughter, and thus Wildash was born.

Why Wildash? Wildash, my mother’s maiden name, is a truly English name. My grandfather, and his brother, my Great Uncle John, were two of my favourite people on the planet, so it is an ode both to my grandfather, my great uncle and Great British craft. The Wildash family were a family of pewterers, borne of Kentish background, for quite a few generations, so a truly apt name for a business of provenance and craft.

My background in luxury branding meant that I could develop the brand’s identity without enormous cost outlay, which meant in turn that I could dedicate more resource to developing the product itself.

As a result we have a beautiful range of interiors accents that all tell a story. The brand follows my own ethos of luxury without compromise of sustainability, fair living and fair trade.

While we have made one or two mistakes along the way, we always strive for good character, well made product, kindness to people and planet.

I hope you enjoy the products we have made and feel the passion we have put into developing and creating something everyone will enjoy.

Thank you for joining us in our journey!