Collection: Medical & Baby Sheepskin

Originally designed and developed for use in situations where individuals were in care and bedridden for long periods, Medical Grade sheepskins are particularly good for sensitive skins, providing soothing comfort all year round.

The tanning process used in the production of our medical grade sheepskins are entirely plant based and chromium free. Relugan is ecological and safe for babies, even those with super sensitive skin.

  • hypoallergenic and kind to skin
  • great for babies and children with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema
  • temperature regulating - can be used all year round in the cot, on the bed, or in a pram or pushchair - warming in winter and cooling in summer
  • 100% plant based natural eco-friendly tanning process
  • promoted healthy circulation
  • proven to reduce risk of childhood allergies and asthma
  • meets strict EU directives