Collection: Home Scents

The Wildash range of candles and diffusers are made of the finest ingredients right here in England.

We have created our scents to whisk you away to lands of fable and fantasy, inspiring memories of childlike excitement of a story once told.

Each of our scents are carefully mixed to create a perfume that is apparent and long-lasting but not overpowering. We have designed some wonderful festive mixes of spice and myrrh, but also light and spring-like scents to uplift your mood as the darker winter months draw in.


Our candles are handmade and hand-poured using natural, safe ingredients that are carefully blended, avoiding harmful mixes and ingredients that can sometimes be present in less expensive products.


Our diffuser collection is made in the same studio, using only the finest ingredients and natural oils. Each of the elements and scents in our range is mixed by hand, finished in a carrier that holds the scent so efficiently, you will just need a few of the reeds to create a wonderful scent through the home that will last ages and ages.

Our reeds are made from a proprietary mixture of cotton and other fibres that provide an effective draw and diffusion that is incomparable.

The range comes beautifully packaged, ideal for gift giving at any time of year...