Sheepskin Care Guide

Sheepskin Care 101: How Do I Care For My Sheepskin?

First and foremost, not all sheepskins are created in the same way, which means that, while for some sheepskins you can happily machine wash them, for others, you could easily damage your sheepskin by washing, and end up with something that resembles a chopping board.

Here at Wildash, we have very many different types of sheepskin. While all our sheepskins are produced in the most environmentally responsible way possible, some are tanned in a more eco-friendly way than others.

As a general rule of thumb, the more naturally tanned sheepskins tend to be the ones that are less robust when it comes to washing.

The exception to the rule is our medical and baby sheepskins which are tanned with Relugan (a wholly vegetable based tanning agent) which is both highly hypoallergenic and machine washable.


To Wash, Or Not To Wash? That Is The Question...

With regards to all sheepskin products, ultimately we DO NOT recommend washing sheepskins unless you really have to. Sheepskin in general is a very robust, natural product that is self cleaning. Much like an oriental rug, the best solution to maintain lustre and a long life is to give it a shake and a good beating every now and then. Then use a slicker brush to reinvigorate the fur.

To restore lustre, cleanse and disinfect your sheepskin rug or sheepskin product, we recommend using our Washed Woollies Restorative Spray.