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Tuscan Shearling Throw | Fur Blanket | Sheepskin Rug | Champagne

Tuscan Shearling Throw | Fur Blanket | Sheepskin Rug | Champagne

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Step into the realm of luxury with our Tuscan Shearling Throw, presented in a sophisticated Champagne hue. This refined choice radiates subtle opulence and is a celebration of the finest Toscana shearling. With its gentle, effervescent colour, this throw becomes a versatile piece, infusing warmth and elegance wherever placed.

Sizes to Adorn Every Space

  • 225cm x 250cm: Generously sized, it effortlessly becomes the centrepiece, making a statement in larger settings
  • 125cm x 225cm: Tailored to versatile use, from draping over a guest bed for added panache, to offering lavish comfort on a reading nook, or even as a plush floorpiece to pamper your feet

Artistry & Heritage

Every Wildash product is a testament to sustainable luxury. We conscientiously craft our shearling pieces from offcuts sourced from high fashion ateliers, melding eco-consciousness with unadulterated luxury. These aren't mere throws, but stories of timeless elegance meant to be passed down through ages.

Derived from the celebrated Toscana sheep breed, the shearling we use is the very emblem of luxury and durability. It’s not just about the aesthetics, but also the tactile experience. This shearling promises years of sheen, softness, and resilience without the concern of wear and tear. Elevate your spaces with the shimmering allure of our Champagne Tuscan Shearling Throw."


100% Natural Tuscan Sheepskin: perfect for year-round comfort, sheepskin is naturally temperature regulating, keeping you cosy and comfortable at any time of year.

This is a dyed sheepskin product. Our natural dyes are sensitive to sunlight and may fade or change colour in prolonged direct sunlight. I you are looking for something that will withstand prolonged direct sunlight, please take a look at our undyed range of sheepskins.


Wildash London’s core product is a range of throws, bed runners, rugs and cushions made from the very finest, fashion grade Toscana shearling. Completely innovative, the range is produced from offcuts
left over from clothing manufacture in the high-end fashion sector. Wildash takes the pieces and sews them together to produce incredibly vibrant, unique pieces, and due to the nature of this process, no piece is exactly the same. They are super soft; perfect for keeping warm in winter and are an essential home
accent for both contemporary and classic interior settings. Furthermore, they are the ultimate, sustainable, luxury item.

Sheepskin is a natural byproduct of the food industry and is 100% biodegradable, making it an environmentally sound choice.

Care Instructions

Machine washable (yes... you read that correctly!), but please follow recommended instructions carefully. Ultimately we do not recommend washing unless absolutely necessary. They are naturally self cleaning and just need a good shake and a whack outside every now and then!

For further information, please refer to our Sheepskin Care Guide

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Returns accepted - shop with confidence!

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