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Woolskin Fleece & Lambskin Woolwash and Shampoo

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Size: 500ml

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mark ford (Godalming, GB)
Woolskin Fleece & Lambskin Woolwash and Shampoo 250ml?

Great product. Doesnt spoil the wool or underlying leather. And fleece as good as new

Roger Grant (Southampton, GB)
Cleaning shearing

Cleaned my aviator shearing collar really cleaned it good, tried all different cleaners this was by far the best

Corinna (Cranbrook, GB)
Excellent wool wash

I've used the same wool wash for about over 4 years and decided to try a different one. So happy it was this one as it gave a suburb clean and left the skins very soft.

S Woolley (Slough, GB)

I can’t review as I’ve not used the product yet!

Wendy Guyett (Leicester, GB)
Sheepskin rugs

Excellent quality they look absolutely stunning- well worth the wait:)

Product description

Originally developed to wash and maintain medical sheepskins, Woolskin woolwash has become a household favourite for washing all types of sheepskin, shearling, wool and wool blends, and is even gentle enough for use with cashmere.

Woolskin contains a conditioning blend of ingredients that cleans your sheepskin products without damaging the leather. Because Woolskin contains no phosphates, peroxides, alkalis, enzymes or bleaches, sheepskin products can be gently washed while maintining suppleness of the leather and lustre on the fur.

Woolskin is great for sensitive skin. It's pH neutral and contains no nasties such as thickeners, fillers and synthetic perfumes.

Containing a blend of Australian Melaleuca Oils including Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle, Woolskin has furthermore been proven effective against dust mite, pet allergens and mould spores providing relief for asthma sufferers and babies.

Why spend a ton on dry cleaning bills when you can get a better result with Woolskin?!

We recommend using Woolskin on the entire Wildash London shearling and textiles range to maintain your sheepskin products and keep them beautiful for not just years but decades.

Use a slicker brush once the shearling has dried to maintain original appearance.