SlimJim PERSONALISED Wooden Ruler Height Chart Oak


Our SlimJim is our slimmest, slenderest, simplest height chart in the family.

Our oak slimjim growth chart has been immensely popular since we launched it last year. Like its name, it is lovely and slim, and can fit in all sorts of nooks and crannies where nothing else will fit!

The board is a planed, hand-sanded, square-edged board 15cm wide and looks particularly good on a partition wall, or to the side of a door.

Our standard height chart sizing reaches to 6 ft 6 inches / 200 cm

Due to its dimensions, only one unit of measurement can be placed on our SlimJim Personalised boards. Please specify whether you would like Imperial or Metric in your Personalisation.

Dimensions: 15cm w x 150cm h x 2cm d

Made in England