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Natural Black Icelandic Shorn 50mm Sheepskin Hide | Luxury Sheep Skin

Natural Black Icelandic Shorn 50mm Sheepskin Hide | Luxury Sheep Skin

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Wildash London Icelandic sheepskin rugs & throws are made from the very best quality hides from sheep who have been free to roam the countryside. Naturally organic and free-range, this produces luxuriant and incomparably sumptuous fur that cannot be equalled in quality.


These sheepskins are a natural, undyed grey sheepskin so there is a natural variation from hide to hide. These natural grey shorn sheepskins are extremely sought after and one of our most popular products due to their natural depth and beauty.

They come in a range of sizes suitable for any space... and don't be surprised if your pet decides to take it over, or your best friend tries to cram it into their tote to take home with them!

  • made of 100% natural sheepskin
  • Icelandic loveliness shorn to 50mm
  • therapeutic and hypoallergenic
  • sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • machine washable (follow our washing recommendations!!!)


SMALL < 90cm < 50cm
MEDIUM 90-100cm 45-60cm
LARGE 100-110cm 60-70cm
XL 110-120cm 65-80cm
XXL 120-130cm 75-90cm
XXXL 130-140cm 78-100cm
XXXXL 140cm+ 80-110cm


Everything we do is designed to last and look good for years and years. Our brand is built on quality, sustainability and longevity. Join us in making the planet a happier place! #FORGETFASTFASHION #BUILTTOLAST #DESIGNEDTOLAST

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