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Mini Fizzlets Lavender Bath Bombs | All Natural

Mini Fizzlets Lavender Bath Bombs | All Natural

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Dive into the delightful world of Mini Fizzlets Lavender Bath Bombs, your new little companions for an enchanting bath experience. These miniature marvels pack a surprising punch of fizz, transforming your bath into a vibrant spectacle of relaxation and fun.

Not just for the bath, these dainty delights are perfect for infusing your entire home with a soothing lavender scent. Place them in a dish in the living room, bathroom, or bedroom to gently release their calming fragrance, creating a serene sanctuary in any corner of your abode.

Looking for a unique wedding favour? Wrapped in charming organza pouches, Mini Fizzlets make memorable gifts that your guests will adore. They're also an ideal addition to candy jars, offering a whimsical yet luxurious gift option that’s sure to bring a smile.

Children can’t get enough of the fun & fizz, making bath time an eagerly awaited adventure. Adults, meanwhile, can unwind with a ‘Bath Pill’ or three, letting the day's stress dissolve away. And for those pampering foot spa sessions, adding a Mini Fizzlet elevates your soak to a new level of luxury.

Available in lovely gift boxes of 5 and 10, Mini Fizzlets Bath Bombs are the perfect way to spoil yourself or treat someone special. Whether for personal indulgence, home fragrance, or as thoughtful gifts, these tiny treasures are sure to charm and delight.

Also available in a bigger box of 20 - perfect for favours and gift giving

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