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Icelandic Sheepskin Rug Long Fur Dark Graphite Grey

Icelandic Sheepskin Rug Long Fur Dark Graphite Grey

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Introducing our Icelandic Sheepskin Rug in Graphite Grey – a symbol of sophisticated luxury and ethical indulgence. This distinctive rug, with its rich colour and sumptuous texture, brings a touch of Icelandic charm and a contemporary edge to any interior.

Sophisticated Comfort & Style

Crafted from the finest Icelandic sheepskins, our Graphite Grey rug is a feast for the senses, with its luxurious long fur and velvety feel. The deep, graphite hue is a modern classic, offering versatility and elegance, ensuring this piece will be a cherished addition to both contemporary and traditional settings.

Sustainably Sourced, Ethically Produced

At Wildash London, we believe in the harmonious balance of luxury and responsibility. Our Icelandic sheepskin rugs are a testament to this ethos – sourced from free-range, cruelty-free environments and eco-tanned to ensure biodegradability. These rugs are organic by-products of the food industry, aligning luxury with sustainability.

Versatility in Every Strand

Available in an array of sizes to complement diverse spaces and preferences, the Graphite Grey Sheepskin Rug is as versatile as it is stylish. Whether positioned as a cosy rug, draped as a chic throw, or showcased as a statement décor piece, it adds depth, warmth, and a hint of Icelandic mystique to your home.


Discover the intersection of style, luxury, and ethics with our Icelandic Sheepskin Rug in Graphite Grey. Elevate your living experience and immerse yourself in the plush embrace of sustainable elegance.

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