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Icelandic Sheepskin Hide Dark Graphic Grey Shorn 50mm Fleece

Icelandic Sheepskin Hide Dark Graphic Grey Shorn 50mm Fleece

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Dive into the embrace of our Icelandic Shorn Dark Graphite Sheepskin Rug — a fusion of luxury, sustainability, and unparalleled quality.

Why Choose Wildash London's Icelandic Sheepskin?

Quality Matters

We source the finest quality hides from free-roaming sheep that bask in the freedom of the open countryside. This organic and free-range upbringing gifts us with fur that's luxuriously sumptuous.

Ethically Sourced

Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics. We ensure our sheepskins come from farms upholding the highest animal welfare standards, all from Britain and Europe exclusively.

Colour: Striking DARK GRAPHITE GREY. A popular choice, seamlessly blending into diverse interiors.

Key Features

  • 100% authentic sheepskin
  • Luxuriously shorn to 50mm
  • Hypoallergenic benefits
  • Environmentally conscious

Care Instructions: While spot cleaning and brushing are recommended, machine washing is possible with utmost care, as per guidelines.

A Note to Our Buyers: This sheepskin is dyed using natural dyes which may be sensitive to prolonged sunlight exposure. For a sunlight-resistant option, explore our undyed sheepskin range.

Our Commitment: At Wildash London, every piece we craft is meant to endure the test of time. With an unwavering focus on quality and sustainability, we aim to steer clear of the fast fashion curve. Together, let's make our world more beautiful and sustainable.

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