Ibiza Hammam Towel Apple Green


The Ibiza hammam towel is a hand tyed, handloomed, heavyweight hammam towel that can be put through the ringer and still come out the other end looking GORGEOUS.

The perfect companion for wearing out all night long and for lazing the day away on the beach, the Ibiza comes in a range of hot colours. Everyone'll have a favourite!

We love this bright and vivid, happy green... gorgeous!

Composition: 10% bamboo / 90% cotton

Dimensions: 90cm x 180cm

Washing instruction: wash max. 40 degrees | NO BLEACH!!! | tumble dry low (all very user friendly)

Handloomed in Turkey

What exactly is a hammam towel? The hammam towel is a woven towel that has been used for centuries in Turkey and North Africa, originally in Turkish Baths. Just as absorbent as what we think of as a traditional terry towel in the West, hammam towels are lightweight and fast drying, making them the ideal companion for taking along on travels, to the beach or to the gym. They are also perfect for boats and great for camping, and we have customers that use theirs for yoga, the spa and even as a picnic blanket! The ultimate multi-use accessory, hammam towels can be used as wraps, sarongs, scarves and throws, to name but a few ideas of so many!

Uniquely different, Wildash Hammam Towels are made from 100% natural materials including organic cotton, linen, silk and bamboo. Our hammam towels are fairly traded and hand-loomed in Turkey, so you can be sure your towel is ethical, too. Whether looking for something stylish to complement your bathroom decor, or in need of a great towel when on the move, Wildash Hammam Towels are the perfect solution