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Golden Hand Carved Star Wand

Golden Hand Carved Star Wand

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Step into a world of enchantment with our dazzling Gold Gilt Hand Carved Wooden Star Wand for kids! It's like pure magic in the palm of their hands...

Crafted with love and oodles of imagination, this wand is hand-carved from the finest wood, giving it a touch of whimsy and wonder. And oh, did we mention the sparkling golden finish? It's bling-tastic!

Designed for little dreamers, our wand fits perfectly in their tiny hands. Lightweight and easy to handle, it's ready to sprinkle fairy dust and cast spells like a pro :) Who needs a boring old remote control when you can rule the universe with a flick of this wand?

Perfect for costume parties, make-believe adventures, or just adding a sprinkle of pixie dust to everyday play, our wand is a must-have accessory. Watch as their imagination takes flight and they create endless tales of heroism and magic.

Give the gift of enchantment with our Gold Gilt Hand Carved Wooden Star Wand! It's pure gold, baby—literally! Let their imagination soar higher than a dragon on roller skates. Get ready for a world of giggles, giggles, and a touch of fairy magic!


Star: 10cm
Wand from top to bottom: 35cm

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