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Flockstar Ewe Sheep Seat

Flockstar Ewe Sheep Seat

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Our enduringly popular ewe is a real beauty. Our most popular member of the flock, she commands attention in any room.

Not only is she a great conversation piece, but she is also damned comfortable to sit on! We call her the ultimate piece of working art!

Our sheep's coats can be made in any of the colours from our shearling range.

Each member of our flock sports a very jazzy underbelly of fabulous Missoni textiles, and their coats are corseted, removable and machine washable (just in case of a nasty red wine accident!)

Made by the artist in Dorset, the unparalleled Liz Mangles, each face is totally unique and holds a character all his own.

The sterling silver ear tag comes engraved with the flock's number and name.

All members of the flock come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Dimensions: 80cm long x 38cm wide x 48cm tall

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