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100% Cashmere Blanket | Throw | Sand Beige Herringbone - 125cm x 250cm

100% Cashmere Blanket | Throw | Sand Beige Herringbone - 125cm x 250cm

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Introducing our Noble Cashmere Blanket, a luxurious masterpiece handwoven in Nepal, brought to you by Wildash London. Crafted from 100% pure cashmere wool, this extraordinary cashmere throw is the epitome of opulence and comfort.

Embrace the natural beauty and warmth of our stunning sand beige colour. This timeless hue effortlessly complements any room, infusing it with an air of sophistication and serenity. Create a cosy sanctuary that invites you to unwind, relax and revel in the comfort of this exceptional cashmere blanket.

Designed to provide both style and function, our cashmere throws are the perfect solution for adding warmth while keeping your thermostat turned down. Embrace the feeling of being nestled in a warm embrace as you snuggle up with our Noble Cashmere Blanket. Immerse yourself in its sumptuous softness, as every fibre caresses your skin with gentle warmth and blissful comfort.

Take a moment for yourself, indulge in the simple pleasures, and let the stresses of the day melt away. Whether you choose to enjoy a tranquil evening with a good book, a steaming cup of hot chocolate, or simply basque in the solitude of your thoughts, our Noble Cashmere Blanket provides the perfect companion for your relaxation.

With dimensions of 125cm x 250cm, this cashmere blanket offers generous coverage, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in its luxurious embrace. Whether you choose to drape it over your favourite armchair, adorn your bed, or snuggle up on the sofa, its ample size ensures comfort without constraint.

Experience the extraordinary with Wildash London's Noble Cashmere Blanket. Elevate your living space with its unrivalled craftsmanship, exquisite materials, and the timeless beauty of sand beige. Wrap yourself in its heavenly softness, immerse yourself in its comforting warmth, and create a haven of relaxation and indulgence that you will love to call your own.

Material: 100% Cashmere

Dimensions: 125cm x 250cm

Colour: Sand Beige

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