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Solid Brass Queen Bee Door Knockers - Premium Size: Heritage

Solid Brass Queen Bee Door Knockers - Premium Size: Heritage

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The Heritage Finish on this Brass Bumble Bee Door Knocker imbues any entrance with an air of distinction. Crafted in solid brass, the bee design asserts a proud presence against any backdrop, transforming a simple door into a statement of heritage and craftsmanship. This robust piece not only serves as an elegant decoration but also stands the test of time as a durable symbol of welcome.

Enhanced further when paired with heritage brass door furniture, the knocker integrates seamlessly into a comprehensive aesthetic scheme, making it an ideal choice for homes that cherish both tradition and quality.

Dimensions of the Brass Bee:

Width (wing to wing): 12.7cm
Height: 10.12cm
Depth: 3.8cm
Distance between screw holes: 3cm
Fixing Information:
Supplied with two screws, the Brass Bumble Bee Door Knocker is designed for easy attachment to any door type, including wooden, UPVC, or composite. The installation process is straightforward, with screws that enter through a back plate, ensuring no visible screws inside the door for a clean look.

Care Instructions:
To maintain the lustrous finish of your Brass Bumble Bee Door Knocker, simply wash with warm soapy water. It is important to avoid abrasive materials that could scratch the surface, preserving the elegance of your bee for years to come.

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