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Alpaca Kasardevi Handwoven Shawl | Brown with Cream Stripe

Alpaca Kasardevi Handwoven Shawl | Brown with Cream Stripe

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These stunning oversized shawls are traditionally handwoven and hand knotted by the Panchachuli Women Weavers in Almora along the foothills of the Himalayas.

The Kasardevi collection is inspired by the gentle hills and valleys of the Almora District and the women who come from the 50 villages around Kasardevi. Rich in natural resources like plants used in the vegetable dyes used to make these wonderful shawls, the Kasardevi collection uses fine lambswool that is dyed using local plant ingredients.

The shawls and textiles of the Kasardevi Collection are dyed by the women of the region using traditional methods - the colours are fast and long-lasting, making them wonderful additions to any wardrobe.

Hand-knotted for the perfect finish, this lovely diagonal stripe pattern exudes timeless elegance perfect for both men and women.

Colour: Dark Chocolate Brown with Cream Diagonal Stripe

Material: 100% handloomed vegetable dyed alpaca wool

Size: 72cm x 210cm

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