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The Wildash range of picnic blankets are specially designed for the unruly British weather, so no matter what happens in the skies, you can guarantee dry bottoms!

Our picnic rugs are large, long-lasting, hard-wearing and ultimately beautiful.

The blankets are hand-loomed in the Himalayas by the women of Kedarnath of Himalayan sheepswool. The thick ply is hardy enough for outdoor use while still feeling glorious to sit on.

All our picnic blankets come backed with a sturdy, detachable British-made waxed cotton for ultimate comfort and protection against the damp.

The clever design includes an integrated waxed cotton wrap closure that provides enough give to bundle up your picnic blanket tout de suite without much ado. In fact, we have even designed it so you can wrap a bottle of bubbly up in it!

The leather strappings and finishings are handtooled in England and made of the finest English leather.

The woollen blanket is fully detachable so can be used as a travel blanket or a throw and is fully washable (woollen cycle only!)

Furthermore, the wool top blankets can be bought separately, so different patterns can be used for different days!

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