Seventh Heaven: A Wildash London Guide to Anniversary Gifting

Celebrating a seven-year journey of love and togetherness is a momentous occasion, one that is traditionally marked with gifts of wool and copper. 

Celebrating a seven-year journey of love and togetherness is a momentous occasion, one that is traditionally marked with gifts of wool and copper. These materials are chosen for their deep symbolism: wool, with its warmth and comfort, represents the security and soft embrace partners provide for each other. Copper, known for its beauty and durability, mirrors the prosperity and strong foundation that the couple has built together. We don’t have much copper around here, but we can help you out with the wool bit! Let’s celebrate the resilience, tenderness and prosperity that seven years of marriage brings together.

At Wildash London, we cherish the significance of this anniversary. Our curated selection of sheepskin products, embodying the warmth of wool and suggesting the durability akin to copper, offers something for every budget. From cosy comforts to luxurious indulgences, our guide promises to make your seventh anniversary unforgettable.

 As we delve into our guide, let us introduce you to the perfect expressions of love and appreciation through our unique range of sheepskin products. Each piece is a testament to the love, comfort and richness that seven years of marriage represent, designed to celebrate your unique journey of togetherness.

Gifts Under £25

Woolly Balls!

Who said seven years had to be serious? Add a dash of fun to your laundry (and your love life) with our Woolly Balls! Crafted from the finest British wool, these dryer balls are your secret weapon for softer, more snuggly clothes. Choose a single ball for £5, a trio for £12, or make things really interesting with our gift set at £16, which includes a 10ml bottle of essential oil. Opt for lemongrass to keep things zesty or English lavender for those more intimate, cosy nights in. They're the perfect way to say, "I love you and your balls."

Wool Dryer Balls
Pom-Pom Bag Charm

Sheepskin Pom-Pom Keyring / Bag Charm

At £8.95, our Sheepskin Pom-Pom Keyring / Bag Charm is not just a gift; it's a statement. Available in Turquoise, Hot Pink, Cherry Red, Snow White, and Lilac, it's a burst of colour and luxury that says, "I'm thinking of you" in the most vibrant way possible. Clip it on and carry a piece of their heart (in pompom form) wherever you go.

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Washed Woollies Restorative Sheepskin Spray

For £15, our Washed Woollies Restorative Sheepskin Spray is like a spa day for your beloved sheepskin products. It's the thoughtful way to say, "I care about the things you cuddle." Refresh, restore and rejuvenate your sheepskin with a spritz that extends the life and love of your woolly comforts.

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Washed Woollies Sheepskin Care
Handmade Felt Flying Pig

Handmade Felt Flying Pig | Biodegradable Hanging Decoration

£12 buys you more than just a decoration; it's a declaration of defiance against all odds! "All our friends thought pigs would fly before we made it to 7 years, but look at us now!" This biodegradable, handmade felt flying pig is a cheeky nod to your enduring love that's taken flight against all expectations. Hang it with pride and a wink.

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Handmade Felt Sheep Baubles

Who says baubles are just for the holidays? At £9.30, our Handmade Felt Sheep Baubles are a year-round celebration of your unique bond. Bleating marvellous, they dangle delightfully from any nook or cranny, reminding you of the joy and playfulness that seven years of love have nurtured.

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Felt Sheep Baubles

The Best Sellers

A Pair of Seat Pads: "One for You... One for Me!"

Embrace the art of giving (and receiving) with our Pair of Sheepskin Seat Pads. Starting at £29 each, these pads are more than just a gift; they're a shared token of comfort and love. Perfect for nestling into your favourite spots in the home, they symbolize the warmth and love that has grown over seven years. Each pad is a soft, luxurious spot just for the two of you, making every seated moment a reminder of your journey together. Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?

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British Seat Covers
The Classic Large British White Sheepskin

The Classic Large British White Sheepskin

At £69, wrap your home in the timeless elegance and warmth of our Classic Large British White Sheepskin. This piece is not just an accessory; it's a testament to the enduring comfort and beauty of your relationship. Let it be a soft foundation for your next chapter, offering a cosy, luxurious space to continue building memories.

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Icelandic Bronze Russet Brown Sheepskin Rug from £69

Embrace the warmth and luxury of our Icelandic Bronze Russet Brown Sheepskin Rug, starting at just £69. Perfectly marrying the traditional seventh anniversary themes of wool and copper, this eco-dyed throw captures the essence of both in a single, stunning piece. We may call it bronze, but its rich, coppery hue and sumptuous texture pay homage to the prosperity and comfort that seven years of marriage represent. Each rug is a testament to sustainable luxury, offering a touch of elegance and warmth to any space. Ideal for draping over your favourite chair or laying at the foot of your bed, this sheepskin rug is a celebration of artisanal beauty, making it a thoughtful and sophisticated gift for marking your special milestone.

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Icelandic Bronze Russet Brown Sheepskin Rug
Limited Edition Rare Breed Sheepskins from £72

Limited Edition Rare Breed Sheepskins from £72

"As rare and unique as our love!" Our Limited Edition Rare Breed Sheepskins, starting from £72, are as unique and special as your seven-year journey. Choose from Icelandic and British hides, each with its own story, much like the chapters of your relationship. These sheepskins are a celebration of uniqueness, offering unparalleled style and comfort to your shared space.

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Sweetheart Sheepskin Cushion £99

Embrace the essence of love with Wildash London's Heart Sheepskin Cushion, available in vibrant Coral Pink or serene Lilac. This double-sided Icelandic shorn sheepskin cushion, offering unparalleled softness, is a symbol of passion and tranquility. Its choice of hues, each rich and inviting, adds a burst of energy or a touch of calm to any space, reflecting the warmth of affection. Crafted sustainably, this limited edition piece is a luxurious testament to love, perfect for enveloping your special someone in comfort and style.

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Sweetheart Sheepskin Cushion

The Grand Gesture

The Ultimate Cashmere Throw £199

Wrap yourselves in the unparalleled luxury of The Ultimate Cashmere Throw, priced at £199. Measuring a generous 125cm x 250cm, this throw is more than just a piece of fabric; it's a sprawling landscape of softness and warmth. Its ample size ensures that sharing is always a pleasure, offering a sumptuous embrace that mirrors the comfort and security of your relationship. Crafted from the finest cashmere, it's a symbol of the enduring warmth and elegance of your love, perfect for those moments when only the softest, most luxurious touch will do.

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The Ultimate Cashmere Throw £199
Sheepskin Beanbag - Large size from £578 / Giant from £1,275

Sheepskin Beanbag - Large size from £578 / Giant from £1,275

Embrace the epitome of luxury and comfort with our Sheepskin Beanbag, available in Large and Giant sizes. The Giant version, particularly, invites you to snuggle up together, offering a soft, plush haven that's just as perfect for movie nights as it is for heartfelt conversations. Starting at £578 for the Large and £1,275 for the Giant, these beanbags are not just furniture; they're a sanctuary for love, designed to envelop you in warmth and luxury.

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The Tuscan Shearling Throw - from £120 up to £1500 for classic unlined

Our Tuscan Shearling Throw, starting from £120 up to £1500 for the unlined option, embodies the ultimate in sustainable chic. Made from the offcuts of the fashion industry, it offers an eco-conscious luxury that's as kind to the planet as it is to your home. Opt for additional lining in a choice of beautiful fabrics (price on application) to make it extra special, a testament to the bespoke beauty of your bond.

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Tuscan Shearling Throws
Large Sewn Sheepskin Rugs

Large Sewn Sheepskin Rugs - From £120

Customise your comfort with our bespoke Large Sewn Sheepskin Rugs, starting at £120. Choose from rectangular, square, round or natural edges to perfectly fit your shared space. Each rug is a testament to individuality and craftsmanship, offering a unique foundation for your life together. Select from our range or customise your own for a piece that truly reflects the warmth and matchlessness of your love.

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The Flockstars

Dive into whimsy with the Flockstars! Lamb Footstool (£295), Ewe Sheep Seat (£989), and Ram Sheep Seat (£1,383). This collaboration with Dorset artisan Liz Mangles blends whimsical design with ultimate urban bling, boasting a hand-sculpted face full of character and a rockstar coat, these guys are irresistible. Their vibrant Tuscan shearling coats are not just eye-catching but also interchangeable for colour flexibility. Each piece is adorned with a sterling silver ear tag, which can be personalised for an extra special touch, making it an ideal anniversary gift. Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity, the Flockstar Sheep offer a distinctive blend of playful sophistication and artisanal luxury, perfect for celebrating love that's anything but ordinary.

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Flockstar Sheep Seats
Bespoke Sheepskin - Custom Made Sheepskin

Make Something Totally "Ewenique" from Sheepskin

For those who dream of a truly one-of-a-kind expression of their love, let us create something totally "ewenique" from sheepskin. Whether it's a bespoke piece of furniture, a decorative item, or anything else your heart desires, we're here to bring your vision to life. Share your idea with us, and we'll provide a quote for a creation as unique and special as your relationship.

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As we wrap up our Seventh Heaven Gift Guide we hope to have inspired you with choices that resonate with the warmth, comfort and enduring beauty of a seven-year journey together. From the playful charm of our Woolly Balls to the luxurious embrace of our Giant Sheepskin Beanbag and the bespoke elegance of "Ewenique" creations, each gift has been curated to celebrate the distinctive tapestry of your love.
Beyond the meticulous craftsmanship and natural luxury of our products, Wildash London takes pride in presenting these treasures in gift packaging that truly wows and delights. Imagine the joy of unwrapping a gift that’s as beautiful on the outside as it is meaningful within — a sensory experience that adds a layer of excitement and anticipation to your special day.

Choosing the perfect anniversary gift is an art — one that speaks volumes of your journey, your love, and the life you've built together. Whether it's a gesture of comfort, a statement of luxury, or a nod to shared humour and joy, each item from our collection comes with our promise: to provide a gift that's not just given, but truly felt and remembered.

Thank you for allowing Wildash London to be a part of your celebration. Here's to the love that has grown over the past seven years and to the wonders that the next chapters will bring. May every gift from us help to tell your story, one of enduring love and togetherness, for many years to come.

Ready to find the perfect symbol of your seven years together? Dive into the world of Wildash London, where every gift tells a story of love, luxury, and thoughtful craftsmanship. Don't just mark another year; celebrate it with a gesture that's as inimitable and heartfelt as your journey has been.

Visit us online shop or come visit us in Notting Hill to explore our "Seventh Heaven" anniversary collection, and let us help you select a gift that will wow, delight and express the true depth of your thoughtfulness. With our exquisite range of sheepskin luxuries and bespoke options, you're sure to find the ideal present that speaks directly to the heart.

And A Very Happy Seven Year Anniversary To You!