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What is Shearling?

What is Shearling? Shearling is a sheepskin pelt (and not the shorn wool, as many people believe) carefully sheared to acquire the same feel and depth throughout, then tanned while the wool is still on it. Shearlings and sheepskins differ in look and feel significantly. Much of this is down to the different breeds of sheep. Often normal tanned sheepskins you find on the general market are wiry and less soft. These tend to be Merino pelts. Our shearling comes entirely from Toscana sheep, which are renowned for their silky fur.

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Why Prefer Sheepskin Products?

First and foremost, shearling products withstand the test of time, thanks to the combination of soft wool and sueded leather. This is precisely what makes sheepskin ideal for creating garments, as well as an ideal material for:

That said; sheepskin is more rugged and strong than any other cloth or material, more lightweight than fur, warmer than goose/duck down, and water resistant. Plus, it is not difficult to care for (usually, no need to take them to the dry cleaners... you can throw all our sheepskin in the washing machine, as well as your shearling coats and other sheepskin accessories, using our sheepskin wash, Woolskin). Moreover, if you don’t use plastic to store or wrap shearling items, they are moth-proof.Shearling makes fabulous products (e.g. coats and sheepskin blankets) that are amazingly warm, which makes them ideal for extremely cold climate  but also self-regulating, so can be used for much of the year in temperate climates. In other words, a sheepskin product is a lifetime long purchase and an investment well worth its money!

Types of Sheepskin

Among the many types of sheepskin pelts, Toscana shearling, Merino sheepskin, Tigrada sheepskin, and Tornado shearling are the most popular ones. 

Toscana Shearling

Toscana shearling pelts have more insulation than any other shearling pelt, due to the long fur interior matched with a leather or suede exterior. It is the perfect material to create jackets and coats, and it is an excellent material to create wonderful sheepskin throw pillows, cushions, or rugs, as well! You can find the finest of the finest coming from Italy and Spain.

Merino Sheepskin

Merino sheepskin is light in weight and is mostly appreciated for its lustrous and fluffy fur interior, which, combined with a leather or suede exterior, makes Merino sheepskin pelts of high quality. The best Merino sheepskin pelts come from Portugal.

Tigrada Sheepskin

You will, usually, find Tigrada shearling pelts with really long curly fur on their interior. The exterior remains leather or suede, and the finest qualities come from Spain and France tanneries. It is an excellent type of sheepskin to be used as winter outwear.

Tornado Shearling

Tornado sheepskin is the best material to create jackets and vests that can be worn during the milder temperatures, and is distinguished by the curly fur finish on its interior. The best Tornado sheepskin comes from Portugal.

Sustainability & Ethics

Unlike other furs, sheepskin is a by-product of the food industry, and our sheepskins are all sourced from sheep in Europe and the UK that are humanely raised and treated according to stringent EU welfare standards. The belief that nothing should be wasted is an age old tradition that is passed down from our oldest societies and cultures. Believing that respecting the living planet around us and understanding the provenance of how we are clothed and fed will help us to maintain the balance of nature and should not become a lost art in today's fast moving consumer society. That is why we have developed our range utilising the shearling offcuts left on the cutting floor during the manufacture of high end fashion garments. We take these little pieces and sew them together to produce stunning shearling home accessories that are irresistible.

Wildash Sheepskin

At Wildash, you can find a large sheepskin range made entirely from a range of sheepskins sourced from within Europe and the UK, including Tuscan, Icelandic, British, Irish and German sheepskin. Feel free to browse through our products to bring a little opulence, style, comfort and exquisite taste into your home with our sheepskin bed runners, shearling throws, cushions and rugs. And, if you want something custom-made, such as bespoke upholstering, an oval sheep rug or even fur rugs, round sheepskin carpets, one off pieces for specific interiors requirements, or any other, to decorate your space with your own unique taste, we can accommodate custom orders, as well. Just Contact Us and ask us How!


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