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Uzbeki Suzani Hand Embroidered Cushion SUZCUSH102208

Uzbeki Suzani Hand Embroidered Cushion SUZCUSH102208

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Our beautiful vintage Suzani are hand picked for their beauty and originality. All our Suzani pieces are incredible works of art, individually handmade showing an unbelievable attention to detail and skill.

Originating from Central Asia, these Suzani are exemplary works of art and have become highly collectable pieces, not just for their face value beauty, but because of their provenance and significance in human bond and relationship.

Traditionally the Suzani holds great symbolic significance. Young women helped by their mothers create these glorious pieces of embroidery as a symbol of longevity, fertility and love, which ultimately gets presented on the wedding day. Often the piece is not completed until after marriage and the finalisation of the piece is thought to bring protection, happiness and completion in life.

Typical Suzani embroidery depicts symbols of fertility and life including pomegranate, tulips, irises and vines.

Our Suzani cushions have been hand finished with matching silk tassels to create a truly eye catching decorative cushion to enhance any decor. Great for the living room, reception, or to brighten up a dark corner.

Dimensions: approx 40cm square but please note each piece is unique and may vary slightly

Materials: silk embroidery on unbleached natural cotton

Duck feather and down filled cushion

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