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Sheepskin Scraps & Offcuts

Sheepskin Scraps & Offcuts

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In line with our commitment to sustainability and minimising waste, we are excited to offer our Sheepskin Scraps and Offcuts for sale. These half-kilo bags are not only a treasure trove for creative minds and craft enthusiasts but also a part of our effort to ensure that every part of the sheepskin is used and cherished.

Each bag is generously filled with a diverse array of high-quality sheepskin pieces in a range of sizes perfect for a wide range of arts and crafts projects. Transform these offcuts into luxurious additions for bags, clothing, boots, hats, or use them as an eco-friendly filler for cushions and pet beds. The possibilities are endless!

Our mix includes various colours and textures, featuring Icelandic sheepskin offcuts, British sheepskin offcuts, and Tuscan shearling offcuts, all from our bespoke range of products. This variety guarantees that each bag offers a unique set of materials for your creative endeavours.

By choosing our Sheepskin Scraps and Offcuts, you're not only embracing your creativity but also supporting our mission to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We're proud to offer these half-kilo bags as a testament to our philosophy: waste nothing and make the most of everything.

We would love to see the incredible projects you create with these scraps! Please share your creations with us by sending in photos or posting them on Instagram, and don’t forget to tag us @wildashlondon and use the hashtag #wildashlondon. Let's inspire a community of sustainable creativity together!

Get your hands on a bag and join us in our journey of sustainable crafting!

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