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Feng Huang Fairytale Luxury Diffuser 100ml

Feng Huang Fairytale Luxury Diffuser 100ml

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Feng Huang... a symbol of high virtue and grace, exemplifies the union of Yin & Yang. Wonderfully balanced, this scent is highly floral, with Honeysuckle & Heady Jasmine balancing the backnotes of Earthy Moss & Cistus Flower. 

Our diffuser collection is made using only the finest ingredients and natural oils. Each of the elements and scents in our range is mixed by hand, finished in a carrier that holds the scent so efficiently, you will just need a few of the reeds to create a wonderful scent through the home that will last ages and ages.

Our reeds are made from a proprietary mixture of cotton and other fibres that provide an effective draw and diffusion that is incomparable.

The range comes beautifully packaged, ideal for gift giving at any time of year...

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