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Bee Curtain Holdbacks - Heritage Finish

Bee Curtain Holdbacks - Heritage Finish

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The Heritage Curtain Hold-Backs are expertly crafted from robust iron, designed to efficiently manage your draperies with ease. For those who appreciate unique details, these hold-backs feature an optional charming bee design, adding a subtle decorative touch while fulfilling their practical function of drawing curtains back to brighten the room.

The installation of these hold-backs is straightforward, allowing you to enjoy their functionality with minimal effort. Their understated design seamlessly integrates into any room's decor, ensuring they complement rather than dominate your space.


Available as a pair
Constructed from durable iron
Offered in various finishes
Product Dimensions:

Width: 3.9cm
Length: 15cm
Depth: 10cm
Weight: 200g

These curtain hold-backs blend durability, style, and practicality, making them an essential addition to any home looking to enhance natural light and maintain an organised aesthetic.

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