SlimJim Wooden Ruler Height Chart Ash


Our SlimJim is our slimmest, slenderest, simplest height chart in the family.

Ash is a lovely pale, light coloured wood and looks great in contemporary and minimalist homes, while also rather suiting Scandinavian-style decor beautifully. Like its name, the SlimJim is lovely and slim, and can fit in all sorts of nooks and crannies where nothing else will fit!

The board is a planed, hand-sanded, square-edged board 15cm wide and looks particularly good on a partition wall, or to the side of a door.

Our non-personalised version comes in 4 ready-to-go styles:

  • traditional dual measurement
  • storybook dual measurement
  • I think I like who I am becoming...
  • Life takes you to unexpected places... Love brings you home

Our standard height chart sizing reaches to 6 ft 6 inches / 200 cm

Dimensions: 15cm w x 150cm h x 2cm d

Comes ready to hang with hanging hardware.

Made in England from British Timber

Please note this is a natural product made of solid timber. As a result, each height chart we produce is completely unique. Part of the natural beauty of the timber we use is the character you see from piece to piece, including differences in grain and knots from tree to tree. If you require a plainer board that has less natural character to it, please let us know so we can accommodate the request.