Large Top Quality Gotland Rare Breed 100% Natural Curly Sheepskin Grey

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Large Top Quality Gotland Rare Breed 100% Natural Curly Sheepskin Grey

Wildash London Gotland sheepskin rugs & throws are made from the very best quality hides from sheep who have been free to roam the countryside. Naturally organic and free range, this produces a luxuriant and incomparably sumptuous fur that cannot be equalled in quality.

The Gotland breed dates back centuries to the era of the Vikings and is one of the oldest domesticated breeds of sheep on the planet. Their unusual, curly fur is prized round the world for its unique texture and luxurious silkiness.

Free range and organic, Gotland sheep are raised free to roam the countryside, eating the lush organic grasses of the Swedish hillsides. The hides are a sustainable by-product of the food industry, tanned to exacting standards with respect for the environment and the ecosystem.

made of 100% natural sheepskin

rare breed naturally curly Gotland fabulousness

therapeutic and hypoallergenic

sustainable and environmentally friendly

machine washable (follow our washing recommendations!!!)

Please note the images are representative examples of our Gotland sheepskin hides. If you have a preference for lighter shades or darker shades, please let us know and we will send out accordingly.

Please also note that these are natural products and every piece is unique and gorgeous by nature.

Everything we do is designed to last and look good for years and years. Our brand is built on quality, sustainability and longevity. Join us in making the planet a happier place! #FORGETFASTFASHION #BUILTTOLAST