AMAZING XL Icelandic Bronze Russet Brown Sheepskin Rug Ecoskin Sheep Skin Throw


“I didn’t think this was my sort of colour”, I said... but oh my goodness these are so gorgeous!

The warmth in these skins is just stunning and there is a mass of depth of colour and variation throughout the fur. There is a wonderful shine to the fur as well, giving these a really sumptuous look.

These fabulous fleeces are super high quality, wonderful Icelandic skins with a supersoft fur.

These are natural length Icelandic sheepskins with a long and lovely fur

The colour is a golden rusty ombré with golden highlights.

Super for adding warmth and texture to the home, they are perfect for use in living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, or dare I say it, even as a pet bed for the pampered pooch!

The beautiful, larger size of these sheepskins makes them extra special and perfect for larger spaces.

100% Natural Sheepskin: perfect for year-round comfort, sheepskin is naturally temperature regulating, keeping you cosy and comfortable at any time of year

All our sheepskins are produced from sheep from within the UK and Europe. Our skins are chosen for their softness and thickness of fur.


Length: 90-100cm
Width: 45cm - 60cm

Length: 100cm - 110cm
Width: 60cm - 70cm

Length: 110cm - 120cm
Width: 65cm - 80cm

Length: 130-140CM
Width: 75cm - 90cm

Please note our sheepskins are a natural product and vary from piece to piece, but every sheepskin we stock is beautiful and of the highest quality!

This listing is for an XL sheepskin. Please see our other listings for different sizes... and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please get in touch. I am sure we can find a solution for your sheepskin dreams!

Any questions, please drop us a line!

Thanks :)