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Hot Buns Sheepskin Pouffe - Icelandic Shorn Fur ALL COLOURS

Hot Buns Sheepskin Pouffe - Icelandic Shorn Fur ALL COLOURS

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The Hot Buns floor cushion is a low riding pouffe and is one of the most popular in our range.

Filled with styrofoam beads it is rigid yet soft and extremely comfortable.

The sheepskin on these cushions is an Icelandic shorn 50mm sheepskin.

These floor cushions are great as occasional seating and also the ultimate in luxury footrests... but beware! Any pets you have in the house may well take it over as a comfy bed for themselves!

Width: 60cm (24 inches) diameter at widest point
Height: 28cm (12 inches)

We also do the Long Natural Length Icelandic as well as the British Hot Buns Floor cushion - both of the same dimensions but creating different looks.

Please note these pouffes are made to order! The current turnaround time for production including shipping of our beanbags takes up to 2-3 weeksIf you need your order in a rush, we do hold some stock and may be able to ship express, but please get in touch before ordering.

Some of the sheepskin colours in the range are dyed. Our natural dyes are sensitive to sunlight and may fade or change colour in prolonged direct sunlight. If you are looking for something that will withstand prolonged direct sunlight, please take a look at an undyed natural sheepskin option.

The Boudoir Shorn pouffe undyed colours include: natural spotted, natural black, natural white, natural grey

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