Collection: Icelandic Dove Grey Sheepskin Limited Edition

Two or three times a year we get enough of the right shade of hide to be able to produce this rare and wonderful colour. 

The Dove Grey is furthermore one of our most popular colours in the range so whenever we do get our batch in, they tend to leave us very quickly indeed. 

So here we are again! We have a super limited quantity of these glorious hides in - less than a hundred of the medium sized hides and less than fifty of the large size: these not only make up the stock of our single hides but we use them to make our sheepskin products including our dove grey cushions, seat pads, the larger sewn rugs and our beanbags. 

This means this batch will sell out in a matter of a couple of days, so if you want to get your hands on some dove grey without having to wait another six months, move swiftly!