Collection: Dove Grey Sheepskin Collection

One of our most popular colours in the range, but also one of the most difficult to produce, our Dove Grey Icelandic Sheepskin range is now BACK IN STOCK.

Stocks are incredibly limited though. We have less than 100 of the large hides in and less than 200 medium hides.

We produce the larger sewn rugs and throws from these, as well as our cushions, beanbags, hot water bottles and seat pads, so as you might imagine, these will go very quickly indeed.

Why so limited? We need to use the very highest quality hides with the whitest fur to produce this colour. Once we have 100 fleeces that are good enough to dye, we then batch dye the lot to produce the colour.

Once they are gone, they are basically gone for another season, so get them while you can!