Collection: British Curly Sheepskin Range

Our British Curly white sheepskin range have become one of the most popular styles in our range. Unsurprising, really, as there is an organically natural feel about them while being soft and sumptuous with a lovely thick and dense fleece.

Currently our range includes:

  • British Curly White Sheepskin Hides
  • British Curly White Sheepskin Square Seat Pads
  • British Curly White Sheepskin Round Seat Pads
  • British Curly White Rectangular Straight Edged Rugs

This is our off-the-shelf range, but if you fancied anything totally unique or custom made out of the British Curly White, we can pretty much produce anything you like!

Matching cushions? No problem! Upholstered armchairs? That's a 'yes'! Mahoosive British Curly sheepskin rug? Absolutely!

Feel free to get in touch by email on, on WhatsApp +44 (0)7545 697032 or telephone 020 7617 7667